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The Legend of Uncle Cecil

It's no secret that Uncle Cecil likes his Iced Tea.  He walks around with a jug of that stuff wherever he goes.  Over the years, there was speculation that Uncle Cecil spiked his tea with a little of his secret stash, but nobody could ever prove it.  At family reunions, his nephews would try to steal his jug while Uncle Cecil was sleeping.  He always seemed to wake up the second before they could grab hold of it.  


One day Grandma Ellen had some of her lady friends over for pinochle while Uncle Cecil was fishing.  When she went to make them some iced tea, she grabbed the jar Uncle Cecil labeled "Hornet Honey".  She always used honey instead of sugar to sweeten her tea.

Uncle Cecil came home to find all the ladies passed out holding pinocle cards in one hand and empty tea glasses in the other.  Ever since then, Uncle Cecil was more careful about where he hid his stash!

We use a touch of honey to make our Hornet Honey finish so smooth, even your grandmother's lady friends won't know what hit them!

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