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Hand Sanitizer

We are proud to be a part of the distillery community in Washington that was able to start producing hand sanitizer and help out during the COVID epidemic.

Thanks to everyone who has supported our small business with the purchase of hand sanitizer.  We are able to stay in business because of this support!

We still have hand sanitizer available, if you are looking for some.

Our sizes and prices are shown below.  We have worked with a couple of local businesses to create a customized label, so if you're interested in that please send us a request via email.

Once we are out of our current stock, we will switch back to making

Uncle Cecil's Hard Liquors.

5GalBucket copy.png

1 Liter Bottle

$15 + tax

5 Gal Bucket

$250 + tax

SprayPump copy.png

Our Liter bottles accept a standard spray bottle head for easy dispensing.

Thread should be 28-400.

Our 5 gallon bucket lids come with a pourable spout for transferring to smaller containers.

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