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The Legend of Uncle Cecil

Legend has it that Uncle Cecil was stranded in the desert for a week.  On the second day he came upon an agave plant, but found a nest of scorpions guarding it.  Because they looked hungry, he decided to give them the only food he had in his bag - dried jalapenos.  Scorpions aren't known for being the smartest creatures, so they ate the jalapenos. This distracted them long enough for Cecil to pick the agave.

The next day he came back to find all the scorpions passed out.  Uncle Cecil skewered them on a sharpened stick and roasted them on the fire for lunch.  He said he could still taste the jalapenos!  Ever since then, Uncle Cecil likes his agave with a jalapeno kick!

We pack 27 pounds of jalapenos into each batch of Scorpion Venom to give you that bold, distinct pepper flavor and aroma.

Try Scorpion Venom in your favorite Bloody Mary or Margarita recipe.

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